Benefits Of Coworking

Considering joining a coworking space for you or your team? Propelled by the era of remote working post lockdown and with inflation putting pressure on office costs, coworking spaces are more than a viable option. Suitable for all types of workers, from freelancers, remote workers, start-ups, and companies large or small. What are the benefits of coworking? Read on for our breakdown.


Impressing Clients

Coworking venues are designed with style in mind, intentionally modern and aesthetically pleasing. Filled with other likeminded professionals, they are the perfect place to impress clients. At SebSpace, non-members can book our meeting rooms, or we offer a flexible pay-as-you-go Day Pass, so if you ever need to host clients you can book in ad-hoc and make the best first impression.


Improving Legitimacy

Let’s face it, working from a coworking space rather than your spare bedroom provides a certain level of legitimacy, which is particularly important for start-ups looking to establish themselves. Our Dedicated Desk and Private Office memberships include the option of mail handling, whereby you can list SebSpace as your company’s registered address and our community managers will handle your mail for you.

Inspiring Environment

We are sensory beings, and what we see, hear, smell, and experience, all impact our mood and stress levels, and when exposed long-term this can have a great influence on our mental health. With that in mind, what could be more inspiring and uplifting than the unique and colourful interior design of SebSpace, with its graffiti art and menagerie of statues, versus the typical office or working from home setup.


Coworking is an excellent choice for those needing flexibility in their working schedule, being able to choose whether to work remotely or visit the space, but SebSpace also offers flexible membership options and zero fixed term contracts. Our Day Pass is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, and all our memberships have a simple 30-day cancellation policy.


Generally speaking, coworking spaces offer shared amenities and memberships cheaper than private rentals, but SebSpace goes above and beyond in providing an all-inclusive experience. All SebSpace memberships as standard have free access to superfast Wi-Fi, refreshments (barista-style coffee, tea, semi-skimmed milk, sugar, and coffee syrups), use of breakout spaces, secure lockers, printing, and gym facilities, as well as a regular cleaning team, and no cost for utilities or business rates.

Increased Productivity

For the self-employed and the freelancers, while home working has its perks, many find it can be distracting. Lots of our members say they focus better when working from SebSpace, and with isolated booths for private calls, a quiet zone, and other purpose-built areas to work from, it’s a great place to be more productive. When it comes to companies, working from a coworking space such as SebSpace and exposing them to all the perks on offer is more likely to make your employees feel valued, which should increase their productivity in turn.


Members of coworking spaces have a variety of commercial backgrounds and industry experiences and are a great place to network and make business connections. Aside from that, they also provide a sense of community and offer social interaction for remote workers who are otherwise deprived of that during their working day. When lacking this, it can negatively impact mental health. Many of our members are now good friends. SebSpace also hosts regular Events, encouraging our members to mingle. Our past events have included pizza parties, gin tastings, and breakfast mornings.




SebSpace offers the best of coworking without the city centre price tag. If you’re interested in joining, why not book on for a Free Trial and experience the space for yourself, or get in touch if you have any queries and our dedicated community managers will get back to you.